An occasional blog, as and when time allows, detailing my obsession with Arisaema and other tuberous Aroids, as well as exotic gardening, interesting plants and just about anything else gardening related that I find noteworthy. It is also about the development of my online mail-order Aroid nursery.

My name is Ben Candlin, and I'm a keen plantsman and gardener. I've been growing, collecting and propagating tuberous Aroids for a number of years, and have slowly but surely been establishing a website as specialist mail-order outlet for my plants - please take a look at www.bencandlin.co.uk.
As a plantsman, I am particularly interested in Arisaema, and have an extensive and ever growing collection of these truly fascinating plants. 

My aim is ultimately to provide the largest possible range of top quality tuberous Aroids available anywhere. In addition to the Aroid plants currently listed for sale, I am also patiently propagating a great many rare and unusual species from other plant families. These will become available in time, and it is hoped that they will complement the range already offered.

Please feel free to comment or to get in touch.

Colocasia esculenta 'fontanesii' inflorescence.
 Colocasia esculenta 'fontanesii', with Begonia luxurians behind.

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