Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taccarum weddellianum

I've just been sorting through a couple of boxes of assorted aroid tubers - I tend to store many of them completely dry and out of their pots whilst dormant. There is less risk of rotting that way and it saves a load of space!

It was nice to see that one or two are showing signs of life, hopefully signalling a promising start to the coming growing season. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing what this large Taccarum weddellianum tuber produces. It is flowering sized, and at 11cm in diameter and weighing 280g I'm hoping for a decent display!

In common with other Taccarum species, Taccarum weddellianum is a pretty crazy plant. Both the leaf and inflorescence should be spectacular, and I'll make sure I update this blog with some shots, along with other notable aroid flowers as and when they come along.

I can't wait!
Taccarum weddellianum tuber. Just starting into life!

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