Friday, April 20, 2012

The Praying Fatsia

It's been rather wet here this week and I've got soaked more times than I care to mention. Earlier today was no exception - heavy squally showers with a healthy dose of hail thrown in for good measure. A lovely day for being a gardener!

But despite the rain, it's always a pleasure working with plants and I consider myself fortunate to spend so much of my time outside. I'll never get tired of the endless variation found in the plant kingdom with all of its shapes, colours, scents and texture.

As an example, today I snapped a couple of photos of Fatsia japonica. The newly emerging leaves reminded me of 'praying hands'.

Perhaps they were praying for better weather!

A cluster of new leaves on Fatsia japonica. Praying for better weather!
Getting 'hands on' with Fatsia japonica
The downy covering of tormentum really adds something to the texture of the new leaves.


  1. This time of year is great, and araliaceae have one of the best new growth. Our fatsia are behind yours, but tetrapanax, aralia and schefflera are all pushing out their new hands!

  2. Talking of praying hands, do you know Hosta 'Praying Hands'?

  3. I do love this time of year (despite all the rain and cool temps) as the longer days really gives plants a reason to push out new growth.
    Excellent description of the Fatsias new growth.

  4. Cheers all for the comments. I had fun photographing these in the rain.The new growth looked so inviting I just had to get the camera out!

    Gaz, I've just looked up Hosta 'Praying Hands'. It looks a nice plant. Expensive mollusc food?!

    Kris and Callum - thanks. Yes this rain is helping things along nicely. Just wish it would warm up a bit too!