Thursday, December 22, 2011

A vibrant December garden

December 22nd. It's an important day for me. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year, and today, the 22nd, was that little tiny bit longer. For us in the Northern hemisphere, the nights are now officially drawing out (bad luck all you southern hemispherers!).

Ok, so I'll admit that the whole thing is purely phychological as any slight increase in day length won't even become apparent for a while yet. But still, it is a cheery thought, especially for anyone like me who is interested in gardens.

Despite yesterday being the shortest day of the year, and it being an overcast and gloomy day, I made the trip up to the North of the county to visit the brilliant Rhs garden Rosemoor. And just to prove that gardens can still be full of interest in the depths of winter, I've added a few photos for your perusal. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the highlights was the 'winter garden'. Although this was full of colour, with dogwoods, various conifers and grasses giving a bright display, it will look even better in a few weeks time when some of the heathers will be in full flow. Having the plants offset against a very dark mulch of finely shredded composted bark really brought out the colours, even in the dim December light.

Phormium 'Yellow Wave' add a splash of colour to the scene at Rhs Rosemoor

The Winter Garden at Rhs Rosemoor, proving that December can hold interest in the garden!

Conifers, grasses and Phormiums give a display of colour
And finally, one of my favourite trees - Prunus serrula. The bark is just fantastic!

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