Friday, July 1, 2011

Arisaema jaquemontii

Arisaema jaquemontii is one of my favourite Arisaema's. I have already featured a photo of it back in my post on 21st June. Well, here it is again, growing in my garden here in Woodbury.

There is something about this little species that I just like. It is not brightly coloured or eye catching - the spathe is pale green with white stripes, so it does not immediately stand out. It is also a small species, in my experience only reaching around 30cm high. The corms are small too, even whan mature, only reaching about the size of a 50p coin.

Arisaema jaquemontii

So what is so great about Arisaema jaquemontii? For a start, it is a hardy species that seems happy enough just left to its own devices in the garden. Secondly, the spathes are carried up above the foliage, so although they are green in colour, they can still be easily seen. Finally, there is something attractive in the slender shape of the spathe, and with it's slightly upturned tail at the tip. Interestingly, this is the only species of Arisaema that originates from the Himalaya region with this characteristic.

In the wild, Arisaema jaquemontii is found growing in areas of scrub and small shrubs in alpine regions and rocky slopes. It favours a well drained position in dappled shade.

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