Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Arisaema intermedium

I make no apologies for adding another Arisaema post, and there are likely to be several more on the way too, so for any Arisaema fan out there be sure to pop on by again over the coming few days and weeks.

Arisaema's will never be widely popular plants. They will never appear on a wide scale in garden centres up and down the country. Nor will they appeal to those looking for a splash of vivid summer colour in the garden. And yet, like many others, I find this group of plants fascinating. So much so,  that I cannot resist growing as many of them as I can here in my garden! They always attract interest and comments - in my opinion every garden should have one!

Here we have Arisaema intermedium:

Arisaema intermedium

This Arisaema is not the most striking of the family, however, it does have a simple charm of it's own, with it's subtle colours and long spadix appendage reaching up to 45cm in length. Another bonus is that each plant produces 2 leaves, instead of just the one, giving an attractive 'bushy' appearance when grown as a clump. Each leaf is divided into 3, glossy green segments with attractive veins. The flowers appear during May / June.
Originating at reasonably high altitudes in the Himalayas (2700 - 3800m) this is a hardy species and is a reliable grower for the UK climate, making it a good choice for anyone interested in this group of plants.

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