Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exmouth Cordylines

Exmouth seafront. A glorious mix of classic English seaside; sand, groynes and fish and chips. What more could one ask for?! Exotic planting? It has that too!

It's a shame that the previously impressive ranks of Cordyline australis have been so badly effected by the winter cold. I snapped this shot yesterday. Every single one of them has had it's growth point killed, necessitating a drastic chop back to healthy wood. Hopefully they will re-sprout new growth from the trunks and go on to look as impressive as before, providing our current spell of cold winters doesn't spoil things again.

The remaining trunks look like some kind of sculpture exhibit rather than the attractive seaside planting they once were!

1 comment:

  1. Hi my first time here, yes this Cordylines look like some art designs on a show! Here in the tropics they are evergreens, showing some stress only in dry season. I saw also your older post and i pity those tropical plants with lots of cold stresses, am so sorry for these plants.