Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time flies. Over a month without a single post!

This week has brought a sudden change to the weather here in East Devon. With the arrival of March, the cold and very wet weather of the past few weeks has been replaced by sunny and Spring-like warmth, albeit with frosty starts. With a fine forecast for the rest of the week, it feels like things have turned a corner. I'm sure the respite will be short lived but for the moment, at least, I'm enjoying the relative warmth and listening to the birds singing in the garden.

This has been a good time to take stock in the garden. With the worst winter for over 30 years, many borderline plants will have succumbed to the cold, along with a number of more hardy ones too. When driving around the local area, I cannot fail to notice just how many plants have been damaged. Numerous Cordyline australis will have been cut to the ground and many Phoenix canariensis have been fried by the cold. It is only now (several weeks after the prolonged freeze in January) that much of the damage is starting to show.

My own garden has not escaped the exceptional cold either. I'm starting to doubt whether the Melianthus major will come back from its base and I suspect that the Musella lasiocarpa and Hedychium densiforum 'Assam Orange' will not have made it through unscathed. It was the prolonged nature of the freeze that has caused problems, with cold penetrating deep into the soil and reaching roots and rhizomes that usually remain untouched.

Here's hoping to a warm spring and a hot summer ahead!

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