Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beginning...

The moment has arrived - its time to finally begin the blog that's been sat at the back of my mind for some time.

Why? Well, the simple answer is that I feel I have something to share.

I should briefly introduce myself. I'm a professional gardener, based in East Devon. My work takes me to many different gardens - from postage stamp plots to acres of large sweeping lawns, and pretty much everything in between.

Many aspects of gardening and growing excite me, but perhaps none more so than the exotic, or sub-tropical garden style, and it is this style that is likely to become the focus of this blog. The hope is that, over time, this will evolve into a record of my gardening exploits; plants and gardens, successes and failures, along with any other stuff that people may be interested to see or read.

It has taken a particular chain of events for me to realise that over the years, without ever consciously doing so, I've amassed a substantial encyclopedia's worth of experience and knowledge in exotic gardening. It seemed a shame to keep it locked inside my head. Entering the blogging world may just provide the outlet that is needed and provide a platform for my thoughts.

To anyone who finds their way here, I hope you enjoy your visit.

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